Once I read about a photographer  that was traveling the world without a wallet. I was hooked by his photos, but even more about the whole concept of his project. There is something on it that goes beyond the artistic level and grounds in what I do believe: a sustainable life.

I want to find that balance in my life and find the material and mental space for trading. The aim is to trade my skills as a photographer for whatever you can positively bring into my life. Maybe you have an organic farm and need some photos for your website, or you are a yoga teacher and want to exchange classes for photos, or maybe you own a healthy food restaurant.

I’m also open to travel around the world to capture your wedding or any special occasion in exchange for transportation, a safe shelter (your grandma home is fine) and food. Simply because I believe these experiences can bring into our lives beautiful people and unique moments.

If you have something in mind, just send me an email with your ideas.
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