I’m Angela. Photographer. Dreamer. Traveller.

Photography has always been part of my life. I grew up with my parents' black and white film photography, amazing pictures with a typical 70´s signature, and listening to adventure stories about their good old days in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, ten years before I was born. Hours and hours I spent amongst those memories, losing myself, dreaming about places I've never visited.

I studied arts for a long time, attempted small photography courses, visited countless exhibitions and ended up with a degree in Art Conservation and Restoration. For a few years I worked in Museums in my home country of Portugal, did an internship in Germany and ended up on the small rocky island of Malta in 2011.

Human beings and their personal experiences are the inspiration for my work. It is my aim to record all stories, experiences and feelings, so memory cannot erase them as the years go by.

Keeping these stories alive in someone's heart, beautiful and timeless… That is my goal.

I´m glad you came over for a visit to my blog. Welcome aboard on this adventure!
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