Aug 15, 2016

A house full of memories

Casa Modesta is not only a small family run hotel, it is a place that holds at its core the story of a family. It was originally the home of Vania, Carlos and Pedro's grandparents and where, together with their parents, they also lived for many years.

A house facing south with a view and breeze coming from the ocean.

Their grandfather, an "old sea dog", known to all as "the champ" was the founder of this project, which contemporary architecture was projected by his granddaughter Vania. I was asked to take a few photos of their family and although "the champ" is no longer physically together with us, his memory is in the small details of the building, in the beautiful car he left behind, in the shirt that Carlos was wearing and for sure, in everybody's heart.

Four generations  and many days to come will continue writing the story of this place and its people.


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