Jul 27, 2016

Summer Happiness

I have started my passion for photography long ago. When I was teenager I used to take my film camera and roam around beautiful beaches in Algarve-Portugal, where I do come from. Often I have nostalgia from these places, the people there, the breeze of the ocean.

Between that time and the moment I bought my professional digital SLR camera many years have passed and many changes have happened too. I went to study at University far away from the sea, I made an internship in Germany and in 2011 I moved to Malta.
I started to develop my skills and passion for photography in here, so every time I go home and have the chance to take photos from families in my own country, in my own language and in the landscape that I know so well, it feels very special.

Praia do Barril is one of my favourite places in Algarve. So diverse and beautiful. I had the chance to meet and photograph Liliana and her family in this landscape. Lucky me!


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