Jul 6, 2016

Crossing paths

Some years ago I couldn't predict the life I have right now, neither the people with whom I would cross paths. I remember to recall Malta only from the Eurovision contest. But, in the meantime, 5 years have passed since Ruben and I landed in the middle of the mediterranean sea just with 1 suitcase each. 
The day after our arrival I started to work for a corporation and Hermen, a tall and loud laughing guy (I would say is quite a stereotype for a Dutch man) was one of the first persons I met there.  
A few months later I started to hear about a beautiful girl and a long distance romance. The type of love stories that come out of a good book or from this type of movies you watch when is cold and raining outside, while you are wrapped inside your blanket enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. But love has no boundaries, no country, no borders. Not long after, Olga came all the way from St. Petersburg to join us in Malta. It was a raining day and we made our way to Valletta to meet them in a beautiful town house.
Since that day, so many days have passed, so many things have happened, so many changes on the way. It is just beautiful to see them now, a married couple that settled so far from their homes and have now started their own family.  
We couldn't let this special moment to pass without holding in photography some memories...


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