May 12, 2016

Nature and words that do not come easily

One of the hardest things about having a blog is actually to write it. Sometimes I find myself stuck.  Maybe because English is not my mother tong, but also because in reality I'm more an observer and a listener, rather than a big talker. I love to roam around in Valletta (my favourite city in Malta) and stop to observe people. We are all so different, so unique, so strong and so fragile at the same time.
Maybe because of the need for calmness, stillness and harmony, I tend to take many photos in nature.  And I'm lucky enough that my clients like it as well. There is a sort of positive and relaxing energy that brings everything in tune. The sun, the fauna, the flora, the fresh air. Even the kids sometimes fall asleep at the end of the sessions, just like our little Zack.

I met Sarah and the little one for the first time last November, when they came to Malta to visit her parents. It was a raining day, one of the few we had this winter. We were not sure what to do, if would be worth to go out or not.
We ended up taking a few photos at home and meeting again when they returned for another visit last January, this time also with Alex.

Everything in life has a reason and I believe it was the universe giving us the possibility to get to know each other a little bit better. I got many good tips about India and Nepal and lucky as I am sometimes, Sarah's father took me home on the day of the raining morning and offered him to return another day to help me to fix something at our place.

When clients became friends, all I can say is, thank you nature for putting some rain on our way.




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