May 5, 2016

Hi There!

Welcome to my new blog!
Today is the first day of the year, right? Oh, it's not, but feels pretty much like that. Life sometimes is just like a new notebook full of blank pages ready to be written and coloured with the shapes of our imagination.

The past few months have been quite transformative since I decided to leave a steady and comfortable job behind to join the dreamers out there in this world. Just arrived from an unforgettable two months trip around India and Nepal. It is very hard to put in words what this trip meant to me, so I leave you with some images from the last days in Goa, just taken a week ago (and one photo from Taj Mahal in Agra).

Now, freshly landed back in Malta, I want to start to invest my time and soul in what I really love to do: photography!
I have been dedicated to photography of families, kids, weddings and small businesses since 2013 under the project H is for Happiness and feel that is the right time now to fully embrace my passion.
Because all new beginnings deserve a new home, I asked the talented designers from We Blog You to help me out. And look how pretty it became!

A cozy, clean, harmonic and beautiful home to receive you all, to cherish the photo sessions of my clients and share beautiful and simple things from day to day life.

Feel free to roam around and embrace the sunny side of life. If you can dream it, you can do it.

"Inhale strength, exhale freedom".




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